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StefJensen Aug 24, 2022 | flag

Online version of the beer game, allowing multiplayer or computer controlled

vermorel Aug 24, 2022 | flag

This is a nice readily accessible implementation, no sign-up, no login, create a new game and play. For those who are not familiar with the beer game, it's 4 stage supply chain game with 4 roles: manufacturer, distributor, supplier, retailer. Each player fills a role, and tries to keep the right amount of goods flowing around. It's a nice - and somewhat brutal - way to experience a fair dose of bullwhip. If you don't have 3 friends readily available, the computer will play the other 3 roles.

Ps: I never got the chance to experience this game at university. If some people did, I would love to hear about their experience - as students - of their first 'Beer game'.

dumay Aug 25, 2022 | flag

I had the chance to play it at university (it was very chaotic!). It was a session on "bullwhip effect".

Hoehner Sep 09, 2022 | flag

It would be cool to have a Lokad version of the beer game. I.e. focusing on the elements of the stock reward function https://docs.lokad.com/library/stock-reward-function/