Is there a way to display the value of a variable as part of a header?
For example,

max_PO_date= 2023/05/31

show table "information about key suppliers" with 
sum(PO.amount) when isoyear(PO.date) == isoyear(max_PO_date) as "Net Amount for 2023"

Is there a way to display 2023 in the "Net Amount for 2023" header based on the value of isoyear(max_PO_date)?

Thank you.

vermorel 12 months | flag

Yes, just use text interpolation to insert your text values. See below:

table T = with 
  [| date(2021, 2, 1) as D |]
  [| date(2022, 3, 1) |]
  [| date(2023, 4, 1) |]

maxy = isoyear(max(T.D))

show table "My tile tile with \{maxy}" a1b3 with
  T.D as "My column header with \{maxy}"
  random.integer(10 into T) as "Random" // dummy

On the playground https://try.lokad.com/s/ad-hoc-labels-in-table-tile