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In production - last check 04 July 2023 - there are:
- 180 matches of dirac used for variable assignment, like LeadTime = dirac(<number>) (and I am constraining the search only to LeadTime variables);
- 427 matches of direct use in an actionrwd.* function.
For a *total of 607 matches*. Looking for *all* the actionrwd. *calls* we have *894 matches*. Assuming that each call is independent - i.e. is not reusing a LeadTime variable already defined - we are already at *~70% of calls to* actionrwd. *not requesting a real distribution to operate**.

Repeating the same reasoning for poisson we have:
- 0 matches for variable assignment;
- 4 matches of direct use ( 1 in Lokad Customer Demo, 1 in Public Demo and 2 in client account ).

The other distributions are not used as far as the Code Search allows me to check.