I recently saw an online discussion about the bullwhip effect where students were discussing their experience in management school with simulators.

I was curious about investigating more, but I realized that unlike topics like mathematics and computer science, I was having a lot of trouble even finding the search terms to use to find textbooks and syllabi, as I didn't even really know what they teach in management school. Could anyone help me find a course of self study on management school? Knowledge of what they teach, or what different specializations train you in would be helpful as well, thank you!

MarianaM Aug 25, 2022 | flag

I think Lokad's supply chain lectures are an excellent source. They are all available on YouTube.
MIT offers a MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management through the edX platform. I haven't taken any of those courses, but maybe you can find something interesting in the syllabus. They are free and you can have the option of earning a certificate for a small fee if you complete all the requierements. This program can be half of the on-campus Supply Chain Management master's program.
Maybe someone that has taken this program can comment and tell us if it is worth it?

vermorel Aug 23, 2022 | flag

For another discussion about the bullwhip effect, check this discussion with Prof. Stephen Disney (University of Exeter):

More generally, I am trying to consolidate a whole series of lectures about SCM that you can see at: