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ttarabbia Apr 24, 2023 | flag

The section on "Conquering Complexity" immediately reminds me of [Out Of The Tar Pit](https://curtclifton.net/papers/MoseleyMarks06a.pdf)

vermorel Apr 25, 2023 | flag

Yes, indeed. Also, I am very much aligned with the paper vision that "Simplicity is Hard". Stuff (patterns, organizations, processes, ..) can only become simple with the adequate intellectual instruments (terminologies, concepts, paradigms). Unearthing those instruments is difficult.

Among companies operating complex supply chains, I have rarely seen anyone (outside Lokad) maintain glossaries. Yet, a glossary is probably one of the cheapest ways to eliminate some accidental complexity.

ttarabbia Apr 25, 2023 | flag

When you say glossary - you mean between people to understand the meaning of terms? Or in the sense of lookup table for values in data?

vermorel Apr 26, 2023 | flag

Yes, exactly the meaning of terms. Every company uses the terms product, order, stock level, but those words rarely mean exactly the same thing from one company to the next.